We try to develop the best bank loans together with our dear visitors. Understand and above all, you need to understand what a bank loan is.

We count a bank loan as a loan you take out of a bank. Everything from all lenders is banks, so we separate them. Should you borrow money from a bank, it is a bank and not another type of lender simply. We try to find that out here and then produce the best in our best in test. With rating and grades.

Bank loan? Which is the best and has the best interest rate

Bank loan? Which is the best and has the best interest rate

First, we just have to differentiate between different types of bank loans. By the word bank loans, we often mean mortgages or private loans (also called bank loans). A mortgage is a loan where you take a mortgage as collateral for the loan and where you can borrow a maximum of 85% of the value of the home with the housing as collateral for the loan.

The remaining 15% is called Isolde and it is money you either have to own or obtain by taking a private loan for it. For private loans is a loan where you do not leave anything in collateral for the loan and that loan you get to buy what you want for. For example, to finance an effort to buy a home.

Borrow for Christmas


Borrowing for Christmas is what many of us need. December has a lot of expenses when you buy Christmas presents and other things that belong to Christmas, such as Christmas food and other things. And to that also comes the New Year with all that it means.

So spending is often very large in December. And then a loan may be needed so you can spread out the expenses in a few months instead of having them all for one and the same month. That’s why we created this guide. Where we can gather and find the best loan for just this.